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  • bird|like — «BURD LYK», adjective. resembling a bird …   Useful english dictionary

  • bird-like — resembling a bird, like a bird …   English contemporary dictionary

  • bird-like — /ˈbɜd laɪk/ (say berd luyk) adjective 1. resembling a bird. 2. delicate: a bird like appetite …   Australian English dictionary

  • bird·like — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Bird ichnology — is the study of avian life traces in ornithology and paleontology. Such life traces can include footprints, nests, feces and coproliths. Scientists gain insight about the behavior and diversity of birds by studying such evidence.Ichnofossils (or… …   Wikipedia

  • Bird people — In mythology and fiction (usually fantasy and science fiction) bird people are a race of people who resemble, or who are evolved from, birds. This is a common motif in movies, TV, and video games. Sometimes, the bird people are a lost race… …   Wikipedia

  • Bird evolution — The evolution of birds is thought to have begun in the Jurassic Period, with the earliest birds derived from theropod dinosaurs. Birds are categorized as a biological class, Aves. The earliest known species of class Aves is Archaeopteryx… …   Wikipedia

  • bird — ant·bird; bird; bird·er; bird·less; bird·like; bird·ling; bird·man; bird·stone; black·bird·er; din·gle·bird; hose·bird; ko·bird; stitch·bird; bird·ie; poe·bird; …   English syllables

  • bird — [[t]bɜrd[/t]] n. 1) any warm blooded, egg laying vertebrate of the class Aves, having feathers, forelimbs modified into wings, scaly legs, and a beak 2) a fowl or game bird 3) spo clay pigeon 4) spo a shuttlecock 5) sts Slang. a person, esp. one… …   From formal English to slang

  • like — an·i·mal·like; be·like; ber·ry·like; bird·like; car·a·mel·like; cel·lu·lose·like; like; christ·like; clock·like; cow·like; death·like; dis·like·ful; eel·like; for·ceps·like; gyp·sy·like; head·like; hus·band·like; ja·nus·like; ker·chief·like;… …   English syllables

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